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Hylo-Fresh Lubricating Eye Drop 

Hylo-Fresh Lubricating Eye Drop 

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Hylo-Fresh Lubricating Eye Drops are a preservative-free and phosphate-free solution designed to address severe or chronic dry eye symptoms.  

Hylo-fresh Lubricating Eye Drops represent an advanced treatment option for individuals experiencing severe or chronic dry eye symptoms. These drops are especially beneficial post-surgery and come in a revolutionary continuous monodose device. The formulation is preservative-free and phosphate-free, minimizing the risk of corneal calcification and making it a safer choice for your eye health. The COMOD® multi-dose application system ensures the delivery of at least 300 sterile drops. Hylo-fresh Lubricating Eye Drops can be used for up to 6 months after opening, providing extended relief for dry eye symptoms. These eye drops are also compatible with all types of contact lenses. 

Patients Suitable For:  
Ideal for individuals dealing with severe or chronic dry eye conditions, particularly those in need of post-surgery eye care. 

Key Features: 

  • Preservative-free 
  • Phosphate-free (avoids corneal calcification) 
  • Unique continuous monodose device 
  • Provides at least 300 sterile drops 
  • 6-month use-up period after opening 
  • Compatible with all contact lenses 

Hylo-Fresh Lubricating Eye Drops 


  • Sodium hyaluronate 1mg/mL 
  • Citrate Buffer 
  • Sorbitol 
  • Water 

No specific warnings provided. 

It is recommended to wait at least 30 minutes after the application of HYLO®-FRESH eye drops before inserting contact lenses.
Temporary blurred vision is possible after application due to the viscosity of the eye drops.
For external use only.

Directions for Use:  
Follow the instructions for using the unique continuous monodose device to apply the eye drops. 

Shelf Life:  
Can be used for up to 6 months after opening. 


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