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Menicare Plus and Progent Travel Pack - Expiry Nov 2024

Menicare Plus and Progent Travel Pack - Expiry Nov 2024

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The Menicare Plus and Progent Travel Pack is a combination lens care kit containing essential products for the maintenance and cleaning of rigid gas permeable contact lenses.  

The Menicare Plus and Progent Travel Pack contains a 50mL bottle of MeniCare Plus, a daily multipurpose solution designed for lens cleaning, disinfecting, and hydration. Additionally, the pack includes a lens case, a dose of Progent A and B (5mL each) for intensive cleaning, and a specialized protein removal treatment case. It's the ideal travel companion for those who require rigorous lens cleaning and maintenance while on the move. 

Patients Suitable For:  
Travelers and individuals who wear rigid gas permeable contact lenses and need a portable lens care solution. 

Key Features: 

  1. Travel-sized kit for convenient on-the-go lens care 
  2. MeniCare Plus for daily lens cleaning and disinfection 
  3. Progent for intensive cleaning 
  4. Specialized protein removal treatment case 

1 bottle of MeniCare Plus 50mL 
1 MeniCare lens case 
1 dose of Progent A and B (5mL each) 
1 Progent Protein removal treatment case 

Menicare Plus: 
Polyhexamethylene Biguanide, Poloxamer, Hypromellose, EDTA, Buffered excipient 
Menicare Progent: 
Liquid A: Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) 20.3mg, Purified water ad 5mL/dose 
Liquid B: Potassium Bromide (KBr) 30.75mg, Purified water ad 5mL/dose 

Do not apply Menicon Progent to the eyes. 
Do not use with soft contact lenses. 
Do not soak lenses in Progent for over 30 minutes; lenses may discolor, but it will not affect their quality. 
Do not apply Progent directly to the eye. In case of misuse, immediately rinse eyes with water and consult an eye care practitioner. 
Do not use A and B solution separately. 
Do not use past the expiry date printed on each single dose. 
Discard solution and doses after each use. 
Do not swallow. 
Do not mix with other fluids except as directed. 
Perform at room temperature. 

Do not use if allergic to any ingredient within the product. 
Do not mix with other fluids except as directed  

Directions for Use: 
Refer to the product instructions for detailed directions on using MeniCare Plus and Menicon Progent within this travel pack. 

Shelf Life:  
Do not use past expiry. 

Menicare Plus: Contains polyhexamethylene biguanide as a preservative. 
Menicare Progent: Contains NaClO (sodium hypochlorite) and KBr (potassium bromide) as cleaning agents. 

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