Menicon Contact Lens Solution - Value Pack $82.00

Menicon Contact Lens Solution - Value Pack $82.00

MeniCare Plus Multi-Purpose solution is suitable for all rigid gas permeable lenses, and is most commonly used in ortho-K cleaning regiments. This solution can be used for:

  • cleaning
  • disinfecting
  • soaking
  • lubricating
  • rinsing

Also contained in this pack is a Progent Cleaner. Menicon Progent Intensive Cleaner is a protein remover for rigid gas permeable lenses only. It is not a daily cleaner, and should be used periodically in conjunction with your regular cleaning regiment. Use as advised by your optometrist. Not suitable with soft contact lenses.

Find out more about how to use  Menicare Multi-Purpose and Progent solution on our website: for general care of rigid gas permeable lenses, ortho-K, and sclerals.


3x 250mL Bottle Menicare Plus, 1x Progent Cleaner (7 treatments) and 3x FREE Contact Lens cases