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Optimel Manuka+ Forte Eye Gel

Optimel Manuka+ Forte Eye Gel

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Optimel Manuka Forte Eye Gel, developed by Melcare, is designed to promote the surface health of the eye and alleviate dry eye symptoms, including soreness and irritation of the eyes and eyelids. 

Melcare's Optimel Manuka+ Dry Eye Gel provide a solution for individuals dealing with dry eye symptoms. These drops aim to enhance the health of the eye's surface and alleviate common discomforts such as sore and irritated eyes. These drops utilise the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of Manuka Honey.

Patients Suitable For:  
Optimel Manuka+ Dry Eye Gel are suitable for individuals experiencing dry eye symptoms, those with aqueous tear deficiency, meibomian disease, corneal erosion, or colonised ocular surface 

Key Features: 

  • Enhanced surface health of the eye 
  • Alleviates dry eye symptoms 
  • Preservative free 

10mL tube Optimel Manuka Dry eye Gel 

Honey (Leptospermum spp Honey 165mg/g), Gum (Acacia senegal), Glycerol 

Single patient use only. 
Use should be managed under the supervision of an eye care professional. 
For any reaction other than transient stinging and redness, cease use and contact your eye care professional. 
Make sure carton tamper seal is in place before first use. 

DO NOT use if hypersensitive to bee products or food gums without seeking medical advice. 
Do not instil whilst wearing contact lenses. Wait at least 30 minutes before inserting lenses. 
Use by children aged less than 12 years should be on the advice of an eye care specialist or doctor. 
Replace cap after use. 

Directions for Use:  
Follow the recommended instructions for applying the dry eye gel. 

Shelf Life:  
Discard 2 months after opening. 

This gel is Preservative-free. 

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